About me

I’ve always been fascinated by how the human body works, the interplay between the various systems of the body and how each affects the other – nutrition, movement, sleep, hydration, and mindset. That interest led me to an Anatomy and Physiology Diploma, and from there, to my studies as a Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique Practitioner, a modality addressing the fascia system of the body. My work and experience of the fascia system has helped shape my approach as a Personal Trainer. 

At the start of working with me, every client learns how to move the different parts of their body independently and as completely as possible, with focus on as full a range of movement as possible and with as much activation of muscles and muscle groups. This brings awareness to the body and helps to highlight any areas that may need more focus to bring balance and efficiency to each work out. From there that practice goes into the exercises of each training session, with a continued focus on correct form, resulting in maximum results from each workout.




I really cannot recommend Amy enough! After a prolonged period of injury/ stress/ weight gain I needed help getting back into exercise safely. At my first consultation I really felt like Amy "got me". She really listens, and is so thorough with making sure you're doing each exercise correctly to get the most benefit. A couple of months down the line and the work is paying off, and Amy has been so supportive throughout. If you're debating whether to give it a go, my advice is just do it, you won't regret it!


Amy is an exceptional personal trainer. Empathetic, highly knowledgeable, and genuinely tailors her support and approach to meet individual goals and abilities.


After training with Amy for the last 9 months due to a motorcycle accident .I honestly feel I have made significant improvements In my flexibility and strength in my pelvic and back areas.thanks to her expertise and knowledge I'm able to continue with the sport I love and can't thank Amy enough for the training and encouragement enabling me to return to full fitness.